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ShopRite Supermarkets (formerly Shop-Rite and Shop Rite) is a retailers' cooperative of supermarkets with stores in six states: Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

A disappointed customer shares her experience on, "I had placed an order on ShopRite for $325 but they fulfilled only $85 worth of groceries and charged $10 internet shopping fee. To add to it, organic milk was scanned twice and I received only one gallon. We then entered the store to shop as we didn't have enough groceries. Lo behold, we found most of the items on our list. So it's clear that the missing items were in stock in the store, just the assigned shopper was clearly lazy and didn't fulfill the order. I had spent hours on their slow website searching and filling up my cart. Don't waste you time on this joke of a service. My last ShopRite from home order, chicken was charged but was missing from our pick up. Someone needs to make the shoppers responsible for overcharging and missing items (that are in stock on shelves)."


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Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"You work your tale off in this company and get paid less doing so. At first I thought the hours were good than they want you to work 6 days evey weekend coworkers I found was extremely lazy and supervision only cared how many minutes you take a break they have no respect for your feelings too strict for no reason some get away with things others don't. Cons: Your breaks are relevant than your work"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"You have no back up with management or HR department. Customers are very ignorant, they don't care what they say to you and you can say anything back. Customers lie about something that happened and the supervisor doesn't look into it she just chews you out. Cons: They just take all the time and give nothing in return."

Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Almost everything about ShopRite is awful. The management, the benefits, the environment, all awful. They hire you in as “part time” but load you in with lots of hours(which I have no problem with). The problem with it is they do this so they dont need to give you any benefits. The only people who are considered full time are department managers and people who have been with the company for many, many years. Its not fair at all. Store Management are so quick to cut your hours, or lie to your face to get you to move to a different department that is in need when you are not comfortable with it. They shame anyone who has piercings, colored hair, etc. They make hour cuts mid week after the schedule had already been published!! Did I mention you get ZERO discounts on products. The only time you will get a discount is near Christmas for a one time *10% OFF* your order. So basically, avoid working here unless you are super part time or in school. Cons: Poor management, no discounts, no free time"

Haba/Non Foods Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company is completely unorganized. The back room is so small and mostly inaccessible that every attempt to organize your section becomes impossible due to the narrow space and other employees crammed together. It's a nightmare"

Deli Worker (Former Employee) says

"I have a lot of experience in warehouse position. I actually have a lot of skills in food service as a cashier,hostess. I worked at 7-eleven for almost 2 years before they closed down and relieved."

Bakery Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The worst job I’ve ever had. Terrible management. Cheap Labor, I felt like my work wasn’t appreciated. I was over worked and under paid. No chance for promotion for any minority. Even if you do work full-time it wouldn’t be enough!!"

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"They give anyone a shot they don’t drug test and they hire anyone with a criminal record low pay hard work must have availability they will put you in any department to work doesn’t matter if you don’t know what you doing"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"My managers were the ones who actually made me smile and were flexible. The new HR is terrible. She’s useless and tries to report everyone to corporate if things don’t go “her way”. Hated her. She’s terrible with flexibility and terrible with calling people back. I was hired by the old HR and was told I could always change my availability and it would be flexible, but the new HR is 100% different. Many other associates do not like her either."

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"It left a bad taste in my mouth and I absolutely hate this place and don't want to waste my time typing anything on is racist despite you doing your job they will still fire left me bitter"

Cashier and Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"The staff is ingnorant. I wS pregnant Nd had dr appt. And because they were on the days i worked in the 90 day probation period they fired me. They didnt ask why i went on those days if they did maybe they would have thought differntly.i didnt have insurance till my 4th minth into my pregnancy therefore hadno dr appts prior to my pregnancy so they fired me cause of me worrying abou the health of my child as soon as possible. They said they would pay me 10.00 an hour they wind up giving me 9.00 anhour and they still oweme money. This company was the cheapest ungrateful thoughtless hurtfull company I have ever worked for and ive been working over 20 years their money wasnt worth ut anyways. Cons: Everything"

Seafood Specialist (Former Employee) says

"One of the worst places I've ever worked at made you feel like less than a person at times do not appreciate the workers management takes advantage of the workers the store manager was very disrespectful not a people's person poor people skills treat his employees like they were cattle the store in Tuckahoe Road Yonkers New York not the store in the Bronx I'm referring to"

Food Prep/Cook (Former Employee) says

"If you have an issue at the shoprite in Ewing, the managers will fire you in order to keep the investigation from revealing their poor management. None of the managers want to work. The employees are nasty with their food preparation and ae aggressive to customers Cons: Horrible management/ employees"

Cashier (Current Employee) says

"Everything from management down is horrible! No benefits AT ALL . They magically cut hours . Would never recommend. So much drama it’s like high school all over again Cons: Everything"

Deli Clerk (Former Employee) says

"They work you 6 days a week mandatory. You get written up if you call out plus the pay is horrific. Avoid at all costs unless you are in management. Management basically controls your life. Cons: Everything"

Bakery Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Not enough time to complete all the task they leave you with and very low pay, no advancement opportunities, management is not helpful when you have a problem, all new employees are excepted to work all nights and close."

Bakery Clerk (Former Employee) says

"It's horrible to work there. The management doesn't care about the employees at all. They want you to wear and uniform that they don't even provide. No benefits, no discounts, NOTHING. Cons: Everything"

Baker (Former Employee) says

"There was no structure in my department the manager paid no attention when people were taking off which led to certain people having to make up for it yes a ton of overtime but if u did it once it was always expected"

Cart Attendant (Former Employee) says

"In Mt. Pocono, Management treats employees very poor, overworks employees with very low pay. Employees here receive no benefits and are looked dowm on by management and store owners. Cons: Poor management, Overworked for poor pay"

online shopper (Former Employee) says

"Get shopping orders on line to shop for customer talk to customer on phone. Sometimes pack orders. Management not there. Workplace not friendly.heavy lifting. Cons: 6hrs days only 15 mins break"

Bagger/Stocker (Current Employee) says

"You are given many tasks in which you don’t even get paid nearly enough for. There is a lot of drama between co-workers. Co-workers (even those at same level) are bossy and rude. Customers are very rude (especially on holidays). Work full time and barely get paid anything. No benefits at all. Dirty. Will Take people off schedule rather than fire them. Hire people that don’t know how to do their jobs. Over staffed. Etc. Cons: Everything else"

Current Employee - Night Crew says

"I have been working at Shoprite Supermarkets part-time for more than a year Cons: They will jerk you around when you have a problem, they will dangle full time in your face but never actually promote you and are shady people."

Current Employee - Cashier says

"I have been working at Shoprite Supermarkets part-time Cons: they do not schedule right"

Current Employee - Cashier says

"I have been working at Shoprite Supermarkets full-time Cons: Everything sucks everything just sucks"

Former Employee - Cashier says

"I worked at Shoprite Supermarkets part-time for more than a year Cons: Favoritism, Horrible managers, not a clean place. You do not get to pick your own hours. The male bosses were also perverted. Just a horrible place to work at. It's not worth it"

Former Employee - Cashier/Runner says

"I worked at Shoprite Supermarkets part-time for more than 3 years Cons: The managers and everyone in charge is mostly terrible"

Current Employee - Deli Clerk says

"I have been working at Shoprite Supermarkets part-time Cons: Bad management as well as bad employees"

Former Employee - Shoprite Cashier says

"I worked at Shoprite Supermarkets part-time for less than a year Cons: -Pay is basically minimum wage -Managment is terrible -Covid is rampant"

Former Employee - Fashion Stylist says

"I worked at Shoprite Supermarkets part-time Cons: not paid enough for what we deal with"

Current Employee - Clerk says

"I have been working at Shoprite Supermarkets part-time Cons: Low pay and lack of promotion opportunities"

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"I worked at Shoprite Supermarkets part-time for more than 5 years Cons: scheduling conflicts, terrible managers, unfair pay"

Pat says

"First, I appreciate the work of supermarket workers during a crisis. At the same time, I don't think customers should pay for bad products packed by the pick up order. I purchased 4 bags of onion from online pickup. First bag, 6 out of 9 rotten onions; 2nd thru 4th bag 50% rotten onions. Called CS Online pick up, would return or refund because purchased 4 weeks ago. The bags were left in an unheated garage and not touched for 1 week due to pandemic . Did not need onions until went to use on 3rd week. They lost a loyal customer post pandemic. Should be a little give and take."

Matthew Nelson says

"Recent experience with the Grocery chain Shop-Rite was SO HORRIBLE!!! They are not just UNPROFESSIONAL but UNETHICAL during this very troubling Coronavirus Pandemic. There are other grocery stores and chains, so if you are in need GO ELSEWHERE! Don't waste your time or money at Shop-Rite, otherwise known as Shop-Wrong!!!"

Roosevelt D says

"It is very difficult to move the carts by the isles, they are always occupied by pallets and displays, specifically at the front of cashiers. Also, crossing from supermarket to the parking lots is very dangerous and. They need to redesign and pave that parking lots."

Jeff Davidson says

"I shop at chestnut hill newark delaware,it's a great store,but have been experiencing bad service at the meat department.I've been getting attitude and rolled eyes multiple times when I need meat cut.I've even had meat cut wrong way purposely I believe.I thought that It's there job to help the customer." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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